Welcome to the land of Artavox!

Artavox is the brainchild of Art Abrahams, an independent luthier on a mission to re-engineer the guitar for the next millennium. “Traditional” methods of guitar building and design are carefully scrutinized as to ‘why’ its done that way:

Is it done for convenience?

Is it a limitation of current (or past) technology, materials or knowledge?

Is it really the best way?

The second tenant of the Artavox guitar is YOU! People are individuals, shouldn’t their guitars be as well? Do you consider yourself an original musician? If so, why play someone else’s guitar? At Artavox, the builder works with you. The creation of your ultimate axe is a collaboration, allowing you as much, or as little input as you want.

Do you want a guitar churned out by a factory, or, hand built by someone who is as passionate about creating the best playing experience as you are about making music?   The choice is YOURS…