• The WB

    Built for Willis Schneider from WEAK PATROL
    • Jaw dropping Douglas Fir burl top/Purpleheart back under a pearlized finish.
    • 31-34" Graduated scale lengths.
    • EMG MMTW with BTS preamp.
    • 70's era funk inspired inlay theme on a Katalox fredboard.
  • LABB

    • 1" thick, cialis ┬áspalted flame maple top/Padauk back.
    • 31" short scale.
    • Maple bound Padauk fretboard, Roman crop circle inlays.
    • EMG MMTW with a VMC preamp.
  • The KBA

    • Designed from the customer's sketch, nicknamed the 'Klingon battle Axe'.
    • Black Walnut 'tile' top/Oak back
    • 32-35" Graduated scale lengths.
    • EMG P5J set with a BQC preamp.
    The aesthetic for the top was born of two ideas:
    1. 'Points within the curve' to create a more aggressive look.
    2. Recycled off-cuts from previous projects, chosen to match the contours, preventing the need to cut into a new billet.
  • Jess’s Bass

    34" Bass built for Jessica Toorenburgh (Helcion/Careful With That Axe)
    • Figured hard maple top/Jatoba back.
    • Extensive horn carving.
    • Cocobolo fretboard -Roman crop circle inlay.
    • Kahler "half pound" quad coil pickup / Fender preamp.
    • Gotoh tuners and bridge.