• M3 Prototype

    With the success of the M2, buy the M3, continues with further refinements:
    1. An offset (14th/15th) neck joint to increase upper fret access.
    2. A second perimeter sound hole.
    3. Single large oval side hole, providing better monitoring for the player while eliminating the need for an access port.
    4. Further refinement of the internal buttresses.
    5. Premium quality woods: Indian rosewood, Bearclaw Sitka spruce and Ebony.
    6. Premium trim package: side perfling, fancy inlay for the headstock, fretboard and end graft.
    This guitar really delivers! -all the complex overtones of a vintage treasure with the power and features of a modern design. This one really turned some heads at the 2014 GAL convention!
  • M series Sitka/IRW

    Indian rosewood back and sides, online Bearclaw Sitka spruce top, sildenafil Mahogany neck, stuff ebony fretboard and bridge.
    1. Final refinements to the bracing and upper soundhole shape and simplified, lighter weight internal buttresses.
    2. Dramatic, multi element back graft inlay.
    3. Revised 12th fret inlay to better match overall aesthetic.
    Similar sound to the M3 with enhanced sweetness in the midrange. Spectacular clarity and note separation.
  • AUM Cedar/Walnut

    • Built for dedicated finger style play, cheap highly responsive to a light touch.
    • Features a Laskin inspired arm rest, ebony fretboard and a 25½" scale.
  • AUM Cypress/Zapatero

    • Relatively new on the scene, prescription Zapatero is a sinker wood form the Panama Canal.
    • Splitting the difference between Rosewood and Mahogany, and, paired with a Cypress (aka Yellow Cedar) top, this guitar has a deep throaty growl  on the low end with lots of sparkle up top.
    • The Padauk tile rosette and binding provide a a stunning visual counterpoint to the chocolate brown Zapatero!
  • AUM12 Sitka/Flame Koa

    • An extra deep body provides a solid bass to compliment the 12 string sparkle.
    • Lost of rope perfling for visual impact and a finger friendly 25" scale.
    This guitar sounds like a candy-floss harpsichord dipped in honey!
  • AUM Engelmann/BRW

    • A forward shifted sound hole for more tone production gives this guitar a BIG powerful voice.
    • Single note lines really cut through the mix of a heated acoustic jam!
  • SF Adirondak/Padauk

    A pet project for the son of a very good friend.
    • 24.5" CF reenforced Mahogany neck.
    • Modified M series style bracing.
    • Convertible between nylon and 'silk and steel' strings.
    • Super awesome 'Super hero' theme and inlay.
    • 'Manzer Wedge' body profile with side port.
    Very responsive with crisp articulation. Solid bottom end that belies its size.
  • SF Engelmann/Walnut

    • Spalted Maple rosette.
    • ¾ circle, prostate side mounted fret markers on a Zambian Teak fretboard, 24.5" scale.
    • Birch/Purpleheart neck.
  • SF Sitka/Curly Walnut

    • Dual forward sound holes on a gorgeous Bearclaw figured top.
    • 25.5" scale with 13 frets clear of the body.
    • Notched diamond fret markers, cheap  ivoroid binding with split herringbone perfling.
    • A very blusey tone, reminiscent of a ladder braced parlour guitar.
  • SF Cedar/PNG Walnut

    • Paupa New Guinea Walnut B/S
    • Dual forward sound holes for greater tonal real estate
    • Snow flake fret markers, illness Black walnut binding and sterling silver in the rosettes