• A.F1

    The first of the A series; a minimalist shape with smooth lines.
  • A2

    Born from a mash-up of the TommyGun and the A.F1; a little more traditional look with a modern edge.
  • A 2.2

    Similar the the A2 but with a tweak to the lower horn for better upper fret access and the lower bout mirrored for a more traditional look.
  • Lap Steel

    A pet project, the Artavox lap steel is not your average country twanger. This fully hollow, long scale, blinged-out fat neck is built to ROCK!

    The internal preamp creates a low impedance monster that will drive any amp!

    • ¬†Highly figured big leaf maple top carved from a solid billet.
    • Cocobolo back.
    • Figured hard maple hollow multi laminate neck.
    • Katalox fretboard (with pearl 'virtual' frets), bridge and tailpiece.
    • Abalone everywhere.
    • Jason Lollar Chicago Steel pickup and a piezo neck transducer both wired into an EMG preamp.
  • The Rockstar

    My take on the iconic, asymmetrical 'long horn' look. My most popular solid body for both guitar and bass.
  • Tommygun

    My take on the symmetrical body with the 'short horn' look.
  • The Hellycaster

    An original shape with a decidedly devilish twist.