Electric Construction

Set thru construction, a natural evolution:

The ¬†Artavox approach to electric guitars is that of ‘Functional Sculpture’; and with that in mind, sees the bolt-on as kind of low-brow. Short of carving an instrument from a single piece, the neck through is the most seamless approach. While looking and feeling really cool, the neck through is more time consuming to construct. It is also much more difficult to dress up like a set neck. Flat tops with crisp edges as well as binding and fancy perfling are very difficult to do with the sides already attached to the body.

Artavox has solved this problem:

Introducing the “Set Thru” neck!



By using a thick top, the two ‘wings’ on either side of the neck have been turned into a body that can be popped on and off the neck during construction. Being able to construct the body and neck separately makes carving easier, setting neck angle easier, allows traditional top binding and perfling, and, even a fully hollow body! Not to mention serious upper fret access…

smooth heel

install perflingclean binding end


Burl Detailtiger topfgcontourf.JPG

Sourced from the west coast of Canada, these thick cut, solid exotic timber tops are extensively hand carved to bring out a truly three dimensional look.

Magnetic cover plates.

mag cover plates

Cavity covers are solid wood and held in place by rare earth magnets. No screws to lose, no tools required! Grain matching is also available


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