Electric Options

Scale and Neck carve

THE primary interface between player and instrument; YOU get to choose scale length, nut width, bridge spacing, neck thickness and profile.



Graduated scale lengths (commonly known as multiscale) help to optimize the length of each string for its pitch (like a piano or harp). Better intonation and ergonomics are additional benefits. For any bass with five or more strings, or a guitar that will be played in low tunings, GSL should be strongly considered.


inlay fist


Binding, perfling, inlay, body and headstock carving…  How much bling do you want?


While you can spec anything available on the open market, here are three recommendations:

Bill Lawrence – The inventor of the ‘after market’ pickup, the man who tweaked Jimi Hendrix’s guitar in the 70?s, and THE influence on the generation of pickup makers after him. Bill was a legend and his pickups (still produced by his family in a small shop) are the most versatile out there. Cutting edge design in a traditional look, they offer unparalleled transparency and really let the player’s own sound shine through.

Jason Lollar – If a specific, vintage spec, voiced sound is what you crave, look no further than Mr Lollar;  his incredible creations out ‘PAF’ the originals!

EMG – Going for a drop tuned GSL? Need that classic scooped metal tone? EMG’s your pickup. Also highly recommended for basses -nothing beats the punch, pop and headroom of an 18v system.


Once again, if we can find it you can have it. Here’s the usual starting points:

Guitars: Hipshot classic open back tuners, Schaller 475 flat hard tail bridge, medium nickel/silver fretwire.

Basses: Hipshot ultralight tuners, Gotoh multi-tonal series bridge (sub Hipshot or ABM individual for GSL), jumbo nickel/silver fretwire.


KTM9 high gloss water based urethane on the body/headstock, oil finished neck. Full Tru-oil finish available by request.