Acoustic Options

Scale and Neck carve

THE primary interface between player and instrument; YOU get to choose scale length, frets off the body, nut width, neck thickness and profile.


About grading: Just about any wood graded above 2A is done so for aesthetic reasons only. Factories want a consistent look so higher grades tend to have straighter lines and even colour. The shame in this is that a lot of wood with PHENOMENAL tonal potential gets overlooked because there is a ripple in the grain, or a streak in the coloration or an inconsistent pattern. Some people see this uniqueness as beauty…

Artavox tops are selected for their tonal characteristics first, aesthetics second. Field trips to the supplier, where there are literally thousands of sets to dig through, flex, tap, listen and select from. Each one unique; each one personally chosen by the builder…

Tops in all the usual flavours: Sitka, Engelmann and Adirondack spruces; Western Red and Yellow (Cypress) Cedars are stocked, others can be ordered.

Backs and sides: Mahogany, Walnut, multiple Rosewoods, Koa, Bubinga… They’re all good! The top is soo primary in the production of tone that just about anything, when properly engineered, can produce the back and sides of a great sounding guitar.

Arm Rest, Body Bevel, Cut Away, Offset Neck Joint

tn rest faroffset neckIMG_1062

Customize your guitar to fit YOU!


Wood or plastic binding for body, fretboard and headstock. Perfling in lines, marquetry or shell on the top or side. Traditional and modern rosette styles, not to mention endless inlay possibilities for your fretboard, headstock, end-graft or body.


Necks are oil finished, bodies and headstocks are usually sprayed with nitrocellulose lacquer. Oil, varnish and KTM9 water based lacquer available on request. French polish tops are also available for those willing to undertake the additional care required.


Graph tech nubone nuts and saddles are used for tone and consistency. Grover Sta-Tite open back tuners are standard with the exception of the M Series, to which the modern look of the Goto 510 mini series is better suited.