M Project

The current ‘state of the Artavox’ evolution. The ‘M’ series (named for the first prototype: ‘the mahogany mutant’) is the AUM body shape with a modern, curved bracing pattern, perimeter sound holes and fully active back.

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Taking cues from nature, this bracing system has no straight lines and no right angles. This system takes full advantage of the buttressing and alternate soundhole placement. The hand bent members are lapped into a super stiff single “Unibrace” structure before being glued to the top.

m brace

  • The inherent  stiffness of the design allows the bracing to be shaved down to a very small height, dramatically reducing the weight of the top.
  • Long, continuous members from the top to bottom, passing under the bridge maximize the transfer of torque (energy) to the top.
  • Placement is designed to maximize the first three modes of vibration.

Perimeter Soundholes:

Any time a hole is cut in the top, weakness is created. Any unsupported holes have to be re-enforced, adding weight to a structure that should be as light as possible. By moving the holes all the way out to the perimeter of the top,  their edges can be supported by an extension of the side (or ‘rib’) without adding weight or unnecessary stiffness to the top.

 m holes

Active back:

The back is tuned to vibrate in sympathy (or ‘couple’) with the top. This is further enhanced by using a tension rod to transfer the pull from the bottom of the heel to the tailblock; thus relieving the back from ‘stretch’ and allowing it to vibrate more freely.

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